This embellishment lies on asymmetric peyote base. This base still my favourite for the ring, because it gives you a firm, stiff structure. You can purchase the DIY step by step Pdf with instructions and grafic illustrations in my Etsy shop: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/MadebyShila


Look at my new design for Starman ;) The pattern available through your
local bead store. I love the new colours from them....

The bead kit available at SupplyEmporium on Etsy

My version


New listing.... Easy to make this small goodies... very good variable, just choose your favourite colours.... go to Etsy Shop


Moderate colours: Metallic Flax (CzechMates Diamond NEW), Permafinish - Galvanized Almond 8/0 (my new favourite) & Firepolished Beads from Starman Beads


My newest ring pattern of this year coming.... my new favourite coat of bead is the etched beads....... 



It is the new challenge, how to make the square bracelet properly. Even bigger challenge is to create the pattern for it.........


This bracelet isn't newest, I have finished after 3 years  .....I looking for the name for it! Do you have a good idea? 
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